Northland College Class Treated to Tour and Demos!

Heather Rickeri, who teaches the Northland College class "Learn Your way Around the Bay," brought her students to Madeline Island last Thursday for a special tour of Woods Hall Craft Shop. During the tour some of Woods Hall's artisans treated the class to demonstrations of their craft specialties.

As part of her introductory class, Heather takes Northland College students to different locations outside of Ashland to help them get to know the Chequamegon Bay region. These visits include the region's unique ecological, cultural, and vocational opportunities.

Shortly after our website's launch, Heather visited our website and was so impressed with both the website and all that Woods Hall has to offer that she contacted us with a special request for a tour.

We, of course, were delighted to welcome Heather and her students to Woods Hall Craft Shop!


Northland College combines a strong liberal arts curriculum with a focus on the environment. Located in Northern Wisconsin, next to Lake Superior and nearly one million acres of the Chequamegon National Forest, Northland College provides unique experiential learning opportunities that can't be offered elsewhere.