Coming soon: All natural Island made soaps!

Coming Soon to Woods Hall Craft Shop!



All natural Island made soaps with lots of good for you ingredients!

These soaps are made by Cindy Dalzell
at Fly Away Farm on Madeline Island!

Artisan is our newest endeavor at Fly Away Farm. On our 120 year old dairy farm located on the northeast shores of Madeline Island, we now raise sheep and fiber animals to produce yarns and hand woven textiles for your home. We work to maintain our sustainability and organic practices in everything we produce.

Soaping creates a natural outlet for a product that is beautiful, useful and pampers you, your home and your guests at the same time. We are using only the finest oils. The scents we use are all organic essential oils. The pigments are also natural such as indigo, madder, turmeric, spirulina, alkanet powder along with natural micas and oxides.

We hope you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy making them.
— Cynthia Dalzell