Our Future

On our 60th birthday in 2015 we hope to renovate and renew Woods Hall Craft Shop!

From its humble beginnings in the St. John’s manse living room and garage, Woods Hall Craft Shop has grown into one of the largest retail shops on Madeline Island. It remains a not-for-profit organization which returns over 70% of its income to its 70 artisans, and is one of the oldest craft cooperatives in the state of Wisconsin.

For over 60 years Woods Hall has continued its original mission:

  • Creating crafts in a well-equipped facility;
  • Selling crafts in order to provide income for people and insure the continued viability of the shop;
  • Teaching handcraft skills;  and
  • Nurturing community relationships on Madeline Island.

In recent years Woods Hall Craft Shop has experienced rapid growth.

From humble beginnings as a winter craft studio and summer sales season shop, we have expanded to a gallery-designed retail shop with several winter/summer studios, and an expanded sales season.

Our income has grown:

1988 (25 years ago)        $  28,500
2012                                   $ 109,788
2013                                   $   96,345
2014                                   $ 102,624 (to date)

In 2010–2011, we had a 36% increase in sales! This was followed by a 9% increase in 2011–2012.

In order to support this growth, we have envisioned an expanded showroom area and revitalized studios—see the architect’s renditions above and below.


Our goal is to become a destination site on and for Madeline Island!  We are seeking your financial support to build this vision.

Our Capital Campaign

In 2013, we received a $100,000 4/1 matching grant from the Woods Charitable Fund in order to:

  • Expand the retail sales area
  • Create a more welcoming entrance—sidewalk facing with landscaping
  • Renovate the pottery and weaving studios
  • Feature our sandstone fireplace in new ways, and
  • Adapt the building for energy efficiency.

As of mid-June, 2014, we had received, through cash, Woods Foundation grant or pledges, $293,784 toward our goal of $500,000. We were within 60% of our goal mid-way through the campaign.

As of mid-December 2014, we have reached 85% of our second year goal of $140,000.

Thank you to all who have contributed so far!!

We are still working toward our 2014 goal of $140,000!

Please consider making a 2-year pledge or donation today.