Woods Hall is a community of artisans and supporters

Woods Hall fosters and nurtures community for artisans and others on Madeline Island. It also is a place of teaching, sharing and learning.

Our artisans contribute their time, performing maintenance and work in the shop in exchange for an increased percentage of sales of their wares.

Our members reach out to other islanders in search of the joy of creating, inviting them to join in our supportive, productive community.

‘When people purchase a rug, ceramics, jewelry or another product, not only are they buying distinctive art, they also are helping sustain the financial well-being of someone right here on Madeline Island. Also, the creation of crafts in the Woods Hall studios is a productive and constructive activity for islanders, especially all winter long.’

– Michele Auger, weaver

Passionate about arts, creativity and Madeline Island

Meet our team

Janine Dobson

Our Woods Hall Gallery and Studio Manager, Janine is an island resident, past board member, weaving studio member, and former small business owner.

Joan Watts

Our cashier has filled many Woods Hall roles. She retired in 2017 but returned because the place is so important to her.

Dolly Schneeberger

Our weaving studio co-manager and longtime islander loves sharing skills with a new generation of weavers.

Michele Auger

Our weaving studio co-manager found her passion at Woods Hall. She teaches and mentors in addition to weaving.

Megan Soma

Our jewelry studio manager helps our artisans create items that glitter, sparkle and satisfy their creativity.

Sally Brown

Our ceramic studio manager isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the name of creating and helping others create.

Louise Parker

Our board chair made and sold jewelry here as a teenager. She now leads the team of volunteers charting strategic direction.

Susan Sabre

Susan, our bookkeeper, has been involved in Woods Hall since 1989 when she discovered her love of weaving. Sewing was her first art, and she loves working with fibers to create beautiful things.

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