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Welcome artists

Texture, color and beauty will surround you in this space. The talents of the creative souls that are drawn to Madeline Island are as endless as the beauty that we bask in on the island.

Become a member

Join our community of artists! Membership is $50 annually and includes access to all amenities of the studio of your choice at Woods Hall.

Use the studio spaces

Explore your passion for art and creativity in the Woods Hall studios for weaving and fabric work, pottery and jewelry-making.

Gallery sales

The work our artists make here, they also sell here, helping support the community. You can see it in our gallery and online.

The ArtisanFund

The ArtisanFund is a financial resource for current Woods Hall Gallery and/or Studio members with the goal of enhancing personal growth in their crafts. Activities that the fund supports include, but are not limited to: workshop tuition, class supplies, fees, materials, supplies and membership fees up to $500. Please utilize the button below to apply for the ArtisanFund.