Selling in our gallery

No matter where you are in your artistic journey, we welcome you and encourage you to grow. If you feel you are ready to sell your works publicly, Woods Hall is a great place for artists from the experienced to the novice. Our prerequisites are only that you love what you make and that you have a strong affiliation with Madeline Island, either by living here full-time, part-time, through family connections or in other ways. As long as Madeline Island is a part of your heart and a place you call a personal or family home, you are welcome to submit your work to be approved so it can be sold in the gallery.

How it works

Membership and the Artist Management Committee

First, fill out New Artist Application Form and send back via email, return to Woods Hall in-person, or mail it to our PO BOX.

Once the Artist Management committee approves it, artists can work with our manager to fill out the Seller’s Covenant Agreement, price their work and place it for sale in our gallery. To ensure that our gallery has an interesting and ever-changing assortment of quality crafted work, we ask all artists to submit photos or physical examples of their work to our Artist Management Committee.

Step 1 )
Become a Woods Hall member by filling out this form and email or mail it back to us.

Step 2)
Members can fill out our Covenant Agreement and return to Woods Hall.

Teamwork makes the dream work

As a cooperative of artists and a nonprofit organization, we rely on the participation and dedication of our artists to keep our studio and gallery operating. The commission each artist receives from each sale is determined in the covenant agreement by how much time that artist is able to volunteer at Woods Hall. The more time an artist gives, the more income the artist creates. Volunteer work includes running the cash register, helping studio managers with maintenance and upkeep as well as routine building and grounds work. Volunteer work is always needed and appreciated at Woods Hall.

To review volunteer requirements, rules, and procedures review the Artisan Handbook.