Rob Karwath


Louise Parker is chair of the Woods Hall Board of Directors. Here is her story about her connection to Woods Hall, in her own words:

My connection with Woods Hall began when I was a teenager.

For a few summers throughout high school, I sold my own beaded necklaces and bracelets in the gallery. I took pride in seeing them displayed alongside the inspiring ceramics and handwoven rugs made by talented island artists.

It was not until much later, since becoming a Woods Hall board member in 2020, that I came to understand how much this organization does for the island community beyond its storefront and the beautiful art it sells.

What I most admire most about Woods Hall is its unwavering commitment to the artists. One example is the creation of the Artisan Fund, which offers financial support through scholarships for classes and coverage of membership fees for the studios and galleries. The fund also helps cover material and supply expenses.

As I take on my new board chair position, I look forward to seeing our thoughtful and ambitious strategic plan come to life. We’ll have more to share in future communications.

The board, staff and volunteers all are committed to ensuring Woods Hall continues to be a welcoming place that inspires and supports creativity across the Island community.