Elena Bangeeva-Erickson

As a weaver, I’m inspired by nature and love working with different fabrics. Every new piece I create is different – and useful. Weaving is such fun and I’m delighted to be one of the Woods Hall artists and have my work for sale in the Gallery.

I came to Madeline Island in June 1998 as a student from Bulgaria in conjunction a work and travel program. I started working at The Pub and The Inn on Madeline Island. Later, in 2019, after I was married, my husband and I decided to spend a winter on the island. We enrolled our son, Sammy, in Kindergarten at the LaPointe School. It was then when I started weaving at Woods Hall and immersed myself in the local artist community. What started with the intention of hanging out with my friends turned into a passion. Thank you, Aimee Baxter & Nora Taylor!

I can access the Woods Hall Weaving Studio any time of the day or night. With 24-hour accessibility, I love the welcoming feeling of the studio, the variety of looms, and the superb studio managers.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, I used to help my Grandma weave. She was a very creative person who had to learn how to knit, weave, spin wool, and crochet, just to be able to provide the necessities for her household. She was great at it all!