Marina Denise Catherine Lachecki

As an artist, I am a writer and a singer. Several of my books are currently for sale at Woods Hall: Teaching Kids to Love the Earth, Walking a Sacred Story plus the CD Across the Water, and St. John’s United Church of Christ: 100 Years of Island Spirit. Little Brother Moose, written by Rev. Jim Kasperson, my late husband, is also available at Woods Hall.

I first started publishing as a teenager in high school. My earlier work was non-fiction in the fields of environmental education and creation theology. My first book was published in 1990 with subsequent work published in 1995, 1991, and 2021. I’ve also had several magazine articles published including Lake Superior Magazine. I consider writing and singing both a profession and a hobby. Inspired by the North Country, I particularly love research and the unfolding of a story.

I came to Madeline Island as St. John’s Pastor, serving from 1995 to 2018 and have been a member of Woods Hall since 1995. Woods Hall is a fabulous artists’ cooperative and highlights the amazing talents we have on this island.