Marge McFarlane

My mom taught me to knit when I was in grade school. I took knitting in 4-H and knit a layette set for my new baby sister when I was 14. I would knit my girlfriends mittens for their birthdays. I started my knitting business “Ewe to You” in Dickenson, ND in 1982. I was spinning yarn for sale as well as teaching knitting, tatting and crochet classes. I won a blue ribbon at the North Dakota State fair for my handspun wool Icelandic sweater in three shades of natural wool It was a great sweater for my husband, but he seldom wore it as it was too warm! I did a lot of custom knitting throughout the years so to connect with Woods Hall as an outlet was delightful. My husband and I bought land on Madeline Island in 2004 and after retiring from “other lives” moved to the Island permanently in 2013. I became involved with Woods Hall the summer of 2013. I have worked as a cashier in the past. I enjoy seeing the works of others. I knit Superior Cabin Sox, baby sox, mitts, hats, shawls, scarves, and a fine assortment of facecloths to go with a bar of handmade soap. I knit every day and have an ample stash of fabulous yarn.