Christie Soderling

My grandmother taught me to sew doll clothes when I was a little girl. My first quilt was a bed quilt for college and I didn’t begin to make more decorative quilts until special family occasions started to grab my attention. I began to create small quilts to commemorate them – weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. I continued working on other, mostly small, projects after that, and quilting is now one activity I enjoy regularly, with typically one project going at a time. The reason I make primarily smaller quilts is that they travel easily, and that includes bringing them on our sailboat, which we have had at the Madeline Island Yacht Club for 45 years, and where being on the water at Madeline and in the Apostles is being home.

I enjoy the design process, the cutting and assembling, and the hand quilting. It’s also been fun to try out new techniques as I’ve learned about them. But mostly, the quilts I make are just ideas I want to bring to life and enjoy – and then share, as I can here at Woods Hall.