Susan Sabre

Sewing was my first art. I loved working with fabric to create beautiful things. Then I took a class in frame loom weaving and I discovered I could even create my own fabric! I was hooked. And when I walked into Wood’s Hall 33 years ago, and saw every style of floor loom and learned I could use them…well, I just moved here.

Wood’s Hall Gallery & Studios is an important part of my life. I so appreciate that it’s a co-op and not just a gallery. I can get involved, as much as I’d like, and that benefits my earnings, as well as my well-being. It’s a place to gather with other artists, to learn, to teach, to make friends, and to have fun!

I still work at home on my frame looms where I can be with my dogs, weaving tapestries, and wall hangings that are much fussier projects than a rag rug. And I still love to sew and usually have a quilt brooding in the long winter months.

I enjoy weaving rugs because they are beautiful and useful. I especially like to use recycled materials, matching colors and patterns to create rugs that are truly rag rugs!