Brian Swirk

I show my clay pottery at Woods Hall Gallery. My hobby of pottery started in 2013 via a Groupon introduction with my wife and a friend.  It was right in line with my skill set and I have been at it ever since. Initially my time with the wheel and clay was a great distraction from my jewelry business; now I just enjoy making things from “Mud”!!!

I have been making and designing jewelry for over 40 years.  Hopefully next year I can show some of my jewelry creations at Woods Hall as well!!!

My wife, Tracy Marlat, another Woods Hall artisan, took our first trip to Madeline Island completely by chance.  We were camping in our van the summer of 2005, escaping the Kansas City summer heat.  After a short visit, well, long story short, six months later we purchased our cozy cabin with a majestic view and have been enjoying summers on Madeline ever since.

I delight in being a Woods Hall artist and appreciate that Woods Hall makes it possible for a wide array of local artists to be in front of the public eye.