Tracy Swirk

I began using found items in my artwork nearly 30 years ago. My inspiration was a mosaic artist who used broken bits and pieces to create her sculptures. Her use of discarded items spoke to me about how everything has a purpose. Using things destined for landfills to create fun pieces of art. My hobby gives me joy and peace. Rescue+reuse=reward! I also make jewelry! In the summer of 2005 my husband and I were traveling north in our camper van to escape the Kansas City heat. We came upon a ferry that went to an island and decided to check it out. We fell in love with the charm of the island and within 6 months we found ourselves the proud owners of a tiny cabin with a majestic view of the lake. We still reside in KC but spend much of the summer on the island, My husband is a pottery artist who is also in the Woods Hall Gallery. We are both honored to be a part of the Woods Hall artist community.