Carol Wright

In 1993, I began working in ceramics and drawing in watercolor on Madeline Island, LaPointe, Wisconsin. I enrolled in many workshops in both forms of art. At Woods Hall clay studio on Madeline Island, my oldest child and I learned to “throw” clay on a kick wheel. It was quite challenging and frustrating, but very enjoyable. I knew back then I would continue working in clay. After raising four children in rural Wisconsin, I moved to Madison.  In March 2011, I decided to participate with my children in an open studio day at Midwest Clay Project (MCP), Madison, WI. I soon became a member at MCP. Knowing how much I enjoyed working in this form of art, I purchased an electric wheel and various tools. I soon rented a semi-private space at MCP. I spend most of my time on the wheel, but also work on both wheel and hand-building. I use several different kinds of stoneware, including porcelain. I have made, (in various sizes and mostly unique), platters, bowls, teapots, covered pots, vases, mugs, tea cups, votive candle luminaries, plaques, glasses, soap dishes, etc. I enjoy carving into the clay, so, when glazed, the shades of color take on a whole new look to the piece.

As I sit at the wheel or a wedging table, time slows down and provides me a venue to create, explore, fantasize and pause. I appreciate making handmade pottery. It has meaning and can be woven into one’s daily life. It can be functional or decorative; glazed in a wide palette of colors; free form or clay pressed in a mold. I am inspired by the elements of nature and the environment around me. I embrace all of these possibilities with openness and opportunity. When working with clay, I am nourished spiritually and emotionally. Today, I have a blank canvas. Every hand-built and wheel-thrown piece is unique and tells a story. The clay I use is stoneware and ranges from brown, red, and white clay bodies. Each type moves and fires differently, as well as how it reacts to glazes. I have fired my pottery in salt, gas, wood-fired and electric kilns, all using different types of glazes. The results are beautiful, different and unpredictable. My heart is filled with excitement and anticipation when the bricks are removed or the kiln door opens.

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