Woods Hall studio spaces

Our cooperative offers space for artists to gather, create and support one another. We offer dedicated studio spaces for weavers, potters and jewelry makers. For a small annual fee plus the cost of materials, you can become a Madeline Island artist, too. We welcome and encourage artists of all skill levels.

When grant funds are available, our studio managers offer mentorships to those interested in learning and pursuing new crafts.


Weaving was the first form of artwork supported at Woods Hall. It remains a major focus, with an extensive weaving studio to meet artists’ needs and create products of all kinds. We offer looms of all shapes and sizes to create rugs, runners, pillows, ponchos, shawls, scarves, and more.

Weaving managers: Michele Auger and Dolly Schneeberger


Design, form, glaze and fire your own works of hand-thrown and hand-built pottery in our ceramics studio. This space provides all of the tools to satisfy your creativity and create, from the practical to the whimsical.

Ceramics manager: Sally Brown


The newest creative space at Woods Hall is our jewelry studio. It provides a space for local jewelers to fabricate from sheet metal and wire, sculpt out of precious metals clay and explore the vast options afforded by working in such an ancient craft.

Jewelry manager: Hilary Nelson

Working members

Each person using the studios must be a working member of Woods Hall. To become a member, you must sign an annual studio Covenant Agreement form, which releases Woods Hall from liability, damages or losses. By signing our agreement, you commit to helping with studio functioning (cleaning, assisting management with repairs, etc.).

What’s included

Members are asked to pay an annual membership contribution of $50 per calendar year. It provides access to the studio of your medium, as well as to the others if you would like to experiment. Materials and supplies for each studio are separate from this contribution and prices differ depending upon the studio.

Please contact the appropriate studio manager to determine how to purchase your supplies and learn the policies for using the space and equipment.

Weaving managers: Michele Auger and Dolly Schneeberger

Ceramics manager: Sally Brown

Jewelry manager: Hilary Nelson

Experience levels

A general understanding of the medium and equipment is expected. We expect you are coming in with at least a beginner level of knowledge to safely and effectively use the spaces.

If you do not have experience, we offer mentorships. If you are interested in being mentored, please contact us.

We also require a basic walk-through of the facility and grounds with a manager before working on your own.

The ArtisanFund

The ArtisanFund is a financial resource for current Woods Hall Gallery and/or Studio members with the goal of enhancing personal growth in their crafts. Activities that the fund supports include, but are not limited to workshop tuition, class supplies, fees, materials, supplies, and membership fees.